"I had the pleasure in receiving messages from Spirit via JC Guzman, such awesome soul he is. The messages were clear, flowed effortlessly, and accurate of my grandfather coming through very strongly. I was amazed at the details obtained for validation. There were many moments when I wanted to cry uncontrollably, however I held on from allowing the tears to flow. The messages were exactly what I needed to hear (overflowing with pure love, healing, guidance), they were delivered with much respect, love, and light. My session with JC Guzman awakened or resurfaced some things within me that apparently I have been suppressing/avoiding, or in my mind since I’m a therapist… thought were healed/forgiven/released, but apparently not completely. In addition, at the end of our session, JC Guzman politely offered to share a healing practice."

Ro Dow

"JC, I just wanted to say thank you so very much for a wonderful reading. What a gift you have! It is great comfort knowing my loves ones are around. I am so very appreciative of the time you spent with me. Many blessings to you!"

Diane M

"Thank you so much for the beautiful reading JC. I have been waiting for a long time to hear from her so I can give a message to my husband. He is not always as open as I would like him to be but he cannot deny that this was his mom who came through. He really needed to hear from her. Thank you💕"

Evelyn G

"I had a beautiful reading with you JC. Thank you so much for all the light you give and for enjoying doing it!  The reading was accurate and very interesting.  Hope you keep growing and developing this gift that makes you happy."

Eileen Oropeza,